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“New work by Merzenich and Haigh is showing that disordered brain ‘wiring’ can be reversed through new ways of stimulating the brain, and I see this to be one of the most important and exciting opportunities in neurodevelopment today.”
– Sir Al Aynsley-Green

Professor Emeritus of Child Health at University College London, Visiting Professor of Advocacy for Children and Childhood at Nottingham Trent University, past President of the British Medical Association, first National Director for Children in government, first Children’s Commissioner for England, author of “The British Betrayal of Childhood”” (2019)

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Transforming the lives of children and young people through neuroscience

Stronger Brains empowers children and young people to build better lives by measurably improving their brain health. Brain health affects almost every aspect of life including education and employment success, relationship success, physical health, social and emotional wellbeing, addictions, eating disorders, violence and crime.

We do this through our Neuro-Development Model by:

  • teaching children and young people about their brain and how to make it stronger through our world-leading Brain Health Curriculum

  • empowering them to become “stronger captains of their ship” by mentoring them through their Personalised Empowerment Plan

  • assessing and measurably improving their brain function by building new neural pathways through their Personalised Neuroplasticity Plan and our fun, online, brain training programs, created by Dr Michael Merzenich, the “father of neuroplasticity” and Co-Founder of Stronger Brains


Evidence of improved mental wellbeing. A recent trial of over 350 young people demonstrated improvements in depression, anxiety and stress particularly for those with severe or extremely severe mental wellbeing at the start of the Stronger Brains intervention.


Today’s Featured Course: Working with the Adolescent Brain.

Working with adolescents requires insight into their developing brains. From 13 to 24, an intensive phase of neuroplasticity occurs that puts teens & young adults at risk. Learn all about it to keep them healthy, safe, informed & forward focused!


COVID restrictions do little to stop us! Co-founder Wendy and Lead Neuroplasticity Teacher Hayley delivered a Professional Development workshop virtually at our latest school in NSW earlier this year.

Stronger Brains Program

Personalised Brain assessment

Each brain is scientifically assessed using a quantitative online assessment tool unique to Stronger Brains, designed by world leading neuroscientist, Dr Michael Merzenich and his Stronger Brains tech team.

Data Driven Cognitive Training Program

Adaptive, gamified exercises designed to remodel the brain, improving cognitive abilities and social-emotional wellness (20-30 minutes per day) while having fun!

Mentoring and personalised assistance

Stronger Brains have developed an effective model that delivers better outcomes for the user through mentoring and personalised empowerment, engaging activities and calming techniques that prepare the brain for training.

World-class Brain Science Curriculum

Dr Michael Merzenich has developed a unique curriculum enriched with amazing facts about the brain and how every user can build a stronger brain.

Scientifically validated and evidence-based measurement

Stronger Brains tools are scientifically validated. Stronger Brains prides itself on transparency and accountability through continuous measurement and reporting of outcomes, evaluated independently in compliance with the highest ethical standards.

Want to Know More?

Get Involved

Volunteers are highly valued at Stronger Brains. We strive to provide insight, deliver our programs and reports using a wide variety of skills. If you have the passion to help us help others, we have many opportunities including:

  • development of compelling and well researched proposals and grant applications to grow the value of Stronger Brains’ portfolio
  • researching and scoping the market to raise the profile of Stronger Brains and to establish a strong and evolving pipeline of grant leads for ongoing relationships
  • help with growth and sustainability of long-term high value philanthropic fundraising

as well as many others.

Please register your interest by sending your CV to contact@strongerbrains.org.

The concept of using neuroplasticity to help vulnerable young people, both intrigued and inspired me to join Stronger Brains as a volunteer in 2018. The passion and dedication of the team as well as the diverse learning opportunities have motivated me to stay.

This role has given me the opportunity to meet the young people we are helping and understand the difference our program makes. I’ve been actively encouraged to; participate in team building and strategy sessions and learn new skills like using Tableau for data analysis. I’ve also been involved in a long-term research study and all that entailed from ethical clearance to reporting our results. Stronger Brains fosters a very collaborative environment making it a very supportive place to work, I would encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch.

Leah, Stronger Brains Volunteer

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