Impact & value

We strive to ensure that all of our initiatives are scalable, sustainable and measure value. Using clinically validated and social measurement tools we measure specific outcomes, translating how they achieve the desired impact and social value.

We quantify the net benefit of our social impact by using a tool provided by the Australian Social Value Bank. In a recent program, Stronger Brains measured the social impact of achieving the following two outcomes:


improved overall health; and


relief from depression / anxiety

The net benefits of the program were over $1.6 million, with a cost ratio of 1.63 and a net benefit per participant of nearly $6k.

We have designed a Train-the-Trainer model that empowers others to successfully run our program and minimise costs.

We offer a tailored service that includes personalised neuroplasticity-based strategies as well as a brain training tool that is supported by rigorous science. Stronger Brains training programs are adaptive to the performance capacity of the individual and target the root cause of earning, learning, social and emotional challenges. This is done by building new neural pathways, reversing the negative impacts of childhood adversity.

We use a brain training tool that, to the best of our knowledge, is the only program that meets all five of the Institute of Medicine’s requirements including transfer of training relevant to real-world tasks and retention length of skills acquired.

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