How we help

Our approach is fundamentally rooted in the science of brain plasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reverse and recover from negative changes. Like a muscle, the brain has the ability to transform and heal even when it has experienced trauma and toxic stress.

The science underlying our program was developed by Stronger Brains co-founder and professor emeritus at UCSF, Dr. Michael Merzenich. Dr. Merzenich is a world-leading expert on brain plasticity who spent decades researching the brain’s ability to change and developed scientifically proven methods for improving brain health, performance and wellness.

Data Collection Assurances

Stronger Brains data collection practices are aligned with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (National Statement (2007), with updates in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Council Act 1992.

Specifically, personal information gathered from participants for all Stronger Brains training and research study initiatives is managed in accordance with guidelines issued by the National Health and Medical Research Council, as approved by the Information Commissioner (s95A of the Privacy Act).

Stronger Brains requires that all collaboration partners strictly adhere to the same regulatory and ethical standards at all times.

To protect private and sensitive information of all participants, rigid data desensitization processes are conducted by Stronger Brains prior to the collaborations with our partners including universities and research agencies to carry out analytical tasks.

Brain assessment

Our assessment takes approximately 60 minutes to complete and provides a baseline understanding of each participant’s cognitive abilities and social-emotional health, including:

  • Executive control
  • Focus and sustained attention
  • Working memory
  • Memory acquisition and retrieval
  • Processing speed
  • Social and relational health
  • Emotional wellness
  • Emotion and behaviour regulation
  • Health including sleep, exercise and nutrition

Brain training

We use the Stronger Brains proprietary assessment battery to inform our training program which has a three-pronged approach:

Brain Education

Lessons created by our team to teach participants about their brain and how it can be strengthened. These lessons are supported with videos and lesson plans

Personalised Empowerment Plan

Mindfulness, physical exercise and other activities to help calm the brain and prepare it for brain training

Personalised Neuroplasticity Plan

Adaptive, online brain training exercises designed to strengthen the brain by building new neural pathways

To learn more about how Stronger Brains can work in your environment, reach out at

Becoming a Stronger Brains Trainer

Stronger Brains has developed a user-friendly toolkit to equip you or your staff with everything needed to transform the lives of children and young people. Stronger Brains provides one-on-one support for as long as needed.  This includes professional development workshops, online learning (self-paced) and a comprehensive library of practical resources including lesson plans, videos, engagement activities, brain teasers and much more.

In addition to professional development workshops, Stronger Brains also run parent/carer and community information sessions upon request. Please reach out via email

I feel I can explain and help my students to understand how their brains can improve with assistance and application; there are no stuck brains, just stuck attitudes and application.

Secondary Teachers PD

Presenters really know the content, obviously passionate about it all. Brain breaks were great.

Primary Teachers PD

Very enjoyable workshop.

Primary Teachers PD

Complex issues were explained in simple, practical and accessible terms and the use of practical elements – such as mindfulness and memory tests – made the concepts real and personal.

Disability Job Support Agency PD